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The 17th Talk of GeoForum: Spatial Sampling for Mapping

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Event information

Time: 14:00-15:30 November 4, 2014

Location: D128, Geography and Environment Building, the South Campus of SYSU

Speaker Information

Name: By Dick J. Brus 

Affiliation: University of Iceland

Brief Bio:

Dr. Dick J. Brus is senior scientist at the Environmental Science Department of Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands. He has rich experience in sampling, mapping and monitoring of natural resources such as soil, water, land cover and vegetation.

Sound sampling design is essential for the collection of data to support reliable scientific inference and decision making for management and policy. What counts as a sound design depends on the problem of interest, and the nature of the inference that is required. Many statistical analyses of spatial data, particularly for the prediction of local values as in mapping, are done in a model-based context in which data are treated as realizations of an underlying random process. In this setting it is not strictly necessary to select sampling locations by probability sampling, and there is scope to optimize sampling patterns computationally. In this talk, he will introduce some of the concepts that underlie the optimization of spatial sampling. These include, amongst others, methods to ensure good spatial coverage by a sample, methods to select an optimal grid spacing for geostatistical mapping and methods to ensure good coverage of attribute (feature) space.