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(December 19, 2012) The 24thlecture of the interdisciplinary academic exchange series

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Topic: Localization of the eco-tourism

Time: 7:30 to 9:00 pm,December 19,2012 (Wednesday)

Venue: Geography and Planning School, Geographical Environment Building, South Campus of Sun Yat-Sen UniversityD129

Speaker: Prof. XuHonggang, Vice Dean, Tourism School of Sun Yat-Sen University

About the speaker:

Dr. XuHonggang is the vice dean of the Tourism School of Sun Yat-sen  Universityand tutor of a PhD student. Tourism geography is one of his  main research fields. His research interests include regional tourism  development plans and policy, ecotourism, and tourism migration. Prof.  XuHonggang presided over and participated in several nationally funded  research, regional tourism development plan, and eco-tourism planning.  He wrote two books, was editor-in-chief forthree books, and published  more than 60 journal articles, including more than 10 SSCI and SCI  articles. He is also a member of editorial board of Tourism Management.