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The 9th Talk of GeoForum: China’s Environmental Satellites and Applications

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Time: 7:30-9:00pm, May 20, 2014 (Tuesday)

Lecture Venue: Lecture Theatre D128 in the Geography and Environment Building, SYSU

Speaker: Zhao Shaohua, Senior engineer

Successful holding of the Ninth Seminar of Geography and Earth Science Forum for Young Scholars

On May 20th 2014 Zhao Shaohua, senior engineer of Satellite Environment Center, Ministry of Environmental Protection, successfully delivered a speech entitled China’s Environmental Satellite and its application. He reviewed the development of China’s environmental satellites, presented the in-orbit operation system Environment One and the planning and design of Environment Two. He also introduced a series of the environmental monitoring and assessment services based on the data collected by domestically controlled environmental satellites and international land observation satellites. Following his speech, teachers and students had a lively discussion with Zhao on the topics of accuracy, quality, business application, access to products of environmental satellites. Du Jianhui, Liu Kai, Xiong Yujiu also attended the seminar.