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The 5th Talk of GeoForum: Scale Theory and Scale Politics

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Time: 19:30-21:00April 23th, 2014

Lecture Venue: D128 Geography and Environment Building, Sun Yat-sen University

Speaker: Professor Liu Yungang

Successful holding of the Fifth Lecture of Geography and Earth Science Forum for Young Scholars

       On the evening of April 23th, 2014, the fifth lecture of "Scale Theory and Scale Politics" was successfully held, with more than 60 participants including 10 teachers. Scale theory is the core issue of geography. In this lecture, Professor Liu Yungang firstly introduced the basic category, structure and hierarchy of scale theory, from the perspective of cartography, methodology and geography. In addition, he demonstrated the subjective application of scale, that is, scale theory, especially the application in international affairs and Chinese affairs management. With a case study of such events as "Sanlu milk powder scandal" and the rise of Nanning city and Huizhou city, he presented vividly the role of various players of different scales during the competition process. In the end, teachers such as Prof Zhou Suhong, Liang Yutian and students including Song Guangwen had a heated discussion with Professor Liu Yungang. 

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