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The School Students Win Awards in National College Urban and Rural Planning Professional Competition

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“2014 Annual Conference of Committee of National College Urban and Rural Planning” was successfully held by National College Urban and Rural Planning Committee in Shenzhen University during September 26th-28th, 2014.

Our school’s student teams got great grades in the competition. In the competition of course assignment appraising of urban and rural society integrated practical investigation report, all the five works won the awards, especially the work ”asking where can I find a county——the investigation on collective memory of Guangzhou Jiu Shui Keng village”completed by the team of Yin Anni, Zeng Yonghui, ZhengZifeng won the first prize.

During more than half year, our school’s Professor Si Tu Shangjin, Professor Lin Lin, Professor Yuan Qifeng, Professor Yuan yuan, Professor Li  Zhigang, Professor Zhou Suhong, teacher Wang Jin, teacher Weng Shixiu, teacher Liu Lixin, teacher Chan Siyou and teacher Li Qiuping etc all had provided meticulous guidance and help to these students.

In 2014 competition, there were more than 90 colleges and more than 280 teams participating in this national highest level of assignment appraising in urban and rural planning.