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The Second Chinese and Japanese Urban Geography

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To guide the students learn the process of development of urban planning, the organizational form of the business pattern, the progress of the suburbanization, immigration, agriculture and industry of suburban and the development of rural area, our school and Kanazawa University of Japan held the Chinese and Japanese Urban Geography Transnational Course to study. The courses will be held in turn.

From February 22nd to March 5th,the Second Chinese and Japanese Urban Geography Transnational Course was held in Japan. Chunshan Zhou, the deputy dean, Prof. Yungang Liu, the director of department of urban and regional planning, vice-director Prof. Yuan yuan, lecturer Jin Wang and instructor Biyun Kong lead 25 students visiting Kyoto University, Kanazawa University and University of Tokyo. During the trip, students visited the world cultural heritage--Shirakawa-go and traditional handicraft production of Komastu around three topics about urban planning and business development, suburbanization and immigrant, suburban agriculture and industry. They learned the wood carving, gold foil, Kutaniyaki and other Japanese traditional handcraft and development situation of tourism. After in-depth discussion, students presented their preliminary results.

The transnational course made Chinese and Japanese students know more about urban planning and development of China and Japan, providing a bridge for both sides to understand, and promoted the communication of culture and academics.