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The 2nd Lecture of "The Gravity of Geography"

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On the evening of October 14, 2014, "The Gravity of Geography" lecture series organized by the Youth League Committee and the student union of school of geography and planning was held in F519. Chen Zhihe, the associate professor from the Department of Water Resources and Environment, shared his personal study and work experience with the students from his personal study and work experience. 

     Professor Chen learned a lot from his study experience abroad. In terms of knowledge, Professor Chen has been studying hydraulic engineering for a long time, so he can show a comprehensive and detailed scientific water system to the students, which can help students understand the system of "water" better. The teacher shared the his changes of study methods, from taking notes and marking important points, to applying what they learn, and to learning from masters and others. The freshmen got a lot of benefits from this lecture. In Q & A session, the students put a lot of questions and their confusion, the teacher answered them in a both humorous and interesting way.